New York City - New York - USA (von Henrique Vicente)

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Creative Fashionary sketches by Grace Ciao

Grace is a fashion illustrator from Singapore. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Her favourite materials are watercolours and flowers. Here are her amazing Fashionary sketches inspired by flowers!

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not wanting me
the beginning of me
wanting myself
thank you” — Nayyirah Waheed (via observando)

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How do you feel about all these people sitting down here?

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april kepner appreciation week » day seven: free choice

↳ April Kepner Alphabet

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Are you ever just overwhelmed by the horrifying thought that maybe, nobody ACTUALLY wants you around? And it’s not that you think everyone hates you, but it’s just that you’re not special to anyone? And that its really kind of sucky that you’re about 98% sure that nobody thinks “Wow, I just really like talking to her.” and that you could probably just disappear without anyone caring that much?

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